"Here at The Fashion Group we embrace innovative technology. We regularly use cloud based technology within our services so our clients are able to access important information at the click of a button from anywhere."

Cloud Based Technology

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Research is one of the most important steps in building a brand. We provide market and competitor analysis, to give you the best chance of creating a sustainable business.


To help avoid any unexpected costs that may arise, we provide a comprehensive cost analysis for all our clients. Keeping bad surprises to a low.


To keep our clients happy, we are always 100% honest. You can trust that we will work hard and offer you our trustworthy advice. We are an extension of your team and business.



E-Commerce and Web Design is an integral part of the marketing solutions offered at The Fashion Group. 

Our digital team combine expert design skills with professional bespoke development, utilising the latest technologies. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of new developments in the digital fashion arena. 

We develop beautiful websites for our clients using the robust platform Shopify. All work is done by a team of professional web and graphic designers and we ensure that clients can easily manage their store to maximise efficiency. We also offer on-going website maintenance packages so you can focus on growing your business and we look after the day to day issues.


Using our knowledge, we regularly partner with clients on ambitious yet game changing projects.


Projects of this sort is what we love to do most, from analysing and discovering new market opportunities to creating internal client team structures.


We thrive on new challenges. 



The Fashion Group. offers our clients bespoke digital marketing services. We understand marketing plays an important role in helping build brand recognition and ultimately sales.

We work closely with our clients to identify the core target consumer and appropriate distribution channels. We then tailor our digital marketing plans to ensure a positive ROI.

We specialise in Google Shopping, Instagram and Facebook Ads along with various other marketing techniques to give your brand the best chance of success.



Our brand consulting service concentrates 10 years of experience within the fashion sector to advise our clients—be it on a niche initiative or a comprehensive global vision for a brand. 

We offer 360° consultancy that delivers insights and identifies opportunities to innovate and elevate a client’s presence in the public or business sector. Starting with a thorough knowledge of the brand, we work closely with in-house commercial and marketing teams to determine immediate and long-term goals. 

"Being able to monitor the results of your campaigns across all channels is something we take seriously. We provide our clients with accurate analytics so we are able to manage future strategies and make calculated decisions."

Data Analysis


We understand that finding a reliable manufacturer for your brand is one of the most time consuming and sometimes costly processes in building a brand. 


Thats why we have global manufacturers who we can trust to produce garments to a level that exceeds our clients expectations. With low MOQs and flexibility on selection we know we can produce the perfect collection for your brand.

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